Representation agreement

making the right decisions for your unique needs

A Representation Agreement appoints a representative, or multiple representatives, to make decisions regarding your health and personal care in the event you are unable to communicate your own wishes.

There are two types of Representation Agreements, Standard and Enhanced. Standard Representation Agreements cover routine financial and/or health care decisions, while Enhanced Representation Agreements give broader powers to the representative, including end of life decision making.

Depending on how the Representation Agreement is prepared, a designated representative’s authority can include:

  • routine finances
  • decisions regarding healthcare, personal care, and limited legal affairs
  • refusal or consent to life support treatment and care
  • consent to less common medical procedures/treatment
  • consent to treatment the Adult approved while capable but since losing capacity has refused to consent
  • deciding on living arrangements for the Adult including choosing a care facility

Representation Agreements are much more thorough than the Power of Attorney. They may include your health care needs, you may appoint different representatives for different purposes and you may appoint a Monitor who will ensure that your representative is carrying out your wishes. In some cases, the monitor is optional.

We can help you determine the appropriate scope for your specific representative(s).